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Longtime SPK Lover...but New Community Member.

Ohh HELL yes...a SPK community. Thats is awesome! Been munchin on my kids all morning. I got the big box of em. 480 pieces (1.9 lbs) of sweet and sour goodness. Only bad thing is im down to about 75 in the box.

Maybe this is just me...but you gotta be carefull buying SPK's as you can get a bad batch for sure. Down here in FL there seems to be alot of bags that get overheated or someting because the powder that covers the kids kinda melts...this changes the entire molecular structure of the kid and RUINS it. Makes me nuts when I have to go through an entire rack just to get a good bag. I have not noticed any bad bags of kids that comne in the new packaging scheme. All are new and delicious.

I am sweating right now from massive kid consumption...and it feels SO GOOD.

...anyway...I just thought this was a kick ass community and wanted to post.

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